Years ago, I started getting inspired by geometric design. Most of the designs are influenced by tattoo’s and different mathematical geometric elements. The mixture of geometric shapes with the nature-like elements, such as animals and so on, created these eye-catching designs.

While I was traveling across Asia, I encountered a wide range of travellers and got inspired by their tattoo’s and their personal stories. For most people my age, art has a very different meaning and purpose. Art can be anything from a tattoo to the way we dress. There has been a shift in the way we look at art and beauty. Beauty has never become such an important part of our lives. Social media has had a major effect on the way we look at art and how we define it.

My aim is to share my art with the people that got me inspired in the first place. So everyone can have a piece of art, but without the high costs. Whether this is on your body, in your house or on the clothes that you are wearing.